A Different War

Craig Thomas

A Different War

Cena: 13,30 

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Book description

          Aerospace UK, one of David Winterborne’s biggest investments, is in deep trouble and, unless he can find a market for an airliner no one wants, it will go under — taking him with it. For David, the solution is simple — and utterly ruthless. The Vance 494, the rival aircraft taking his customers, must be discredited.

          When the Vance 494 crashes, the cause is a complete mystery to the investigators and there is only one way to determine what happened — follow the exact flight path of the aircraft again. And there’s only one man to do it — Mitchell Gant. For Gant, the unbelievably tense moments in the cockpit are only the beginning of a chase that takes him to Europe and into the heart of America, pursued remorselessly as he hunts the one man who can tell the truth about the crash.

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