Against All Enemies

Richard Herman

Against All Enemies

Cena: 15,30 

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Book description

          Jonathan Meredith is a patriot; a defender of all that is good and pure, determined to lead his wayward nation back down the proper path…his path. Jonathan Meredith is a dangerous man; a ruthless and charismatic manipulator of crowds, politics, and history who will stop at nothing to achieve his ultimate goal: ultimate power.

          In the heat-ravaged Sudan, the pilot and crew of a U.S. B-2 bomber equipped with devastating technology and firepower are being held captive following a failed attack on a biological weapons plant. A military mission gone terribly wrong on the far side of the world is about to have violent repercussions in an America that has become bitterly polarized along racial lines.

          At Whitman Air Force Base, and Air Force Captain — an African American — has been charged with espionage, and his trial promises to bring bloody chaos to the streets of America’s cities. It’s a situation Meredith and his volunteer army, 'The First Briagade,’ mean to exploit, as they stand poised to reap the benefits of widespread anger, disillusionment, hatred and fear.

          It’s a case government prosecutor Hank Sutherland is expected to win. But there are questions and inconsistencies haunting the principled attorney. And the deeper Sutherland digs, the more evidence he uncovers of a devastating conspiracy — insidious corruption that is weaving its way secretly and relentlessly into the very fabric of American life to strangle the freedoms and the future of the nation.

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