Dust to Dust (some truths are best left buried…)

Tami Hoag

Dust to Dust (some truths are best left buried…)

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Book description

          When an internal affairs investigator is found dead, the Minneapolis Police Department find themselves with a potential political time-bomb on their hands. Andy Fallon was gay. He was investigating a possible cop connection in the brutal murder of another gay officer. And his death looks like suicide – or an unfortunate accident.

          But Andy Fallon’s ex-lover doesn’t believe Andy died at his own hand, accidentally or otherwise. He is convinced the death is connected to his work, and presses lead detective Sam Kovac to find another answer – one that won’t be popular with anyone. It begins to look as if Fallon might have hit on something that got him killed. And he might not be the final victim.

          As Kovac digs deeper, he finds his career – and his life – on the line, because someone wants the truth left dead and buried. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

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