I’ll Be Seeing You

Mary Higgins Clark

I’ll Be Seeing You

Cena: 13,30 

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Book description

          Covering the story of a stabbing victim, television news reporter Meghan Collins investigates the case of a beautiful young woman in a New York City hospital. In a tragic bridge accident, Meghan’s father has disappeared but no trace has been found of his body or his car. Now, in absentia, he has become the suspect in a brutal murder. 

          Trying to identify the dead girl, find her murderer, and clear her own father’s name, Meghan finds that her search is entwined with a story she is doing on the Manning Clinic, an in-vitro fertilization center where women seek the children nature has denied them. 

          A tale of murder, duplicity, family secrets and hidden lives, which centres on the question of human identity, and insists that nothing, however precious, is what it seems. 

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