Crisis Four (number one bestseller)

Andy McNab

Crisis Four (number one bestseller)

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Book description

          In British military intelligence, deniable operations is the most dangerous tightrope you can walk. Ex-SAS man, Nick Stone, has no choice in the matter. He may be tough, resourceful, ruthless, highly trained, but he still must do what his masters want, whatever that might be.

          Sarah Greenwood is beautiful, steel-willed, intelligent, cunning — the only woman that Stone has ever let under his guard. And now he’s been sent to hunt her down….

          As the pair are pursued through the backwoods of the American South, Stone’s mission becomes a deadly game of cat and mouse, and a journet to the heart of a terrifying conspiracy to which only Sarah holds the key. And as the tension builds to breaking point, the two are led to a confrontation that echoes our worst nightmares.

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