Into the Garden (the international bestseller)

Virginia Andrews

Into the Garden (the international bestseller)

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Book description

          They began as strangers. Four teenage girls with nothing in common but their miserable childhoods.

          Misty, Star, Jade and Cat first came together in Dr Marlowe’s group therapy sessions. They trusted no one but each other – and even that bond was fragile at best. One by one, each of the Wildflowers told her shocking story.

          Now they are coming together one last time. Jade has sent out invitations to her parents’ vast mansion where the four of them will rekindle their bonds of friendship and trust. This time, away from Dr Marlowe’s watchful eye, it will be different. Today, in the mansion’s attic, Misty, Star, Jade and Cat will swear to tell the real truth – the shattering secrets that lie deep within them like smouldering coals.

          And once the darkest secret of all is spoken aloud, there will be no turning back…

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