Vet in a Spin

James Herriot

Vet in a Spin

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Book description

          James Herriot, strapped into the cockpit of a Tiger Moth trainer, feels rather out of place, but he hasn’t found a new profession and it surely won’t be long before the RAF come round to his point of view. James Herriot’s sixth volume of unforgettable memoirs sees him dreaming of the day when he can rejoin his wife, Helen, little son, Jimmy, veterinary partner, Siegfried, the eternal student Tristan – and all the old Darrowby crows, both two-legged and four. 

          'He can tell a good story against himself, and his pleasure in the beauty of the countryside in which he works is infectious’, observes "The Daily Telegraph". 

          'Full of warmth, wisdom and wit’ – "The Field". 

          'It is a pleasure to be in James Herriot’s company’ – "Observer".

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