Dawson’s Creek: Trouble in Paradise

Dawson’s Creek: Trouble in Paradise

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Book description

          Here Comes Trouble…

          To promote tourism, Capeside has a new slogan, "Fall in Love in Capeside," and a new weekend romance festival, including a kissing marathon. Pacey can’t wait, but Andie’s not interested. Then there’s the contest for best romantic video that Dawson’s dying to win, if only he could decide who should be his female lead.

          Jen’s visiting cousin Courtney might just be right for the role. She’s not acting mean anymore. She’s actually…nice. "Way" too nice, think Joey and Jen. And their instincts are right, because when Courtney starts scheming, watch out Capeside!

          Joey, Dawson, Pacey, Jen. Four teens ready to take on the world. They’re learning about life, and learning how to love.

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