Sabrina The Teenage Witch : Lotsa Luck

Diana G. Gallagher

Sabrina The Teenage Witch : Lotsa Luck

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Book description

          Sabrina’s down on her luck, just when she needs it most… until she finds a magic spell to change her old rabbit’s foot into a real lucky charm. Suddenly, everything’s going her way! Now she’ll be able to ace her history test, find someone to help with the class rummage sale, and maybe even win the foosball tournament at the Slicery, all in one lucky day
         But Sabrina is tempting fate. she forgot to read the fine print in the spell book and now she’ll have to pay the price.  She’s slamming her hand in the locker, getting in trouble at school and fighting with Harvey, all thanks to the unlucky charm. Sabrina’s got to deactivate the charm… before her luck runs out!

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