Essential Computers: Playing Music on Your PC

Rob Beattie

Essential Computers: Playing Music on Your PC

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Book description

          A clear, concise guide to playing MP3s. Master state-of-the-art computer skills quickly and confidently with the Essential Computers series. These clear and concise step-by-step visual guides are designed to help beginners acquire all the techniques necessary to use today’s information technology, from word processing to desktop publishing to setting up e-commerce and researching the on the Internet. Playing Music on Your PC helps you master the basic skills of using audio formats and organizing music on a PC, and includes: 

Understanding Audio Formats
Using the CD Player Program
Making Your Own Play Lists
Using MP3 Player Programs
Copying Files to a Portable MP3 Player
Downloading Music from the Internet
Understanding Copyright Issues
Organizing Your Music
Customizing Your MP3 Player

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