Madonna Revealed

Douglas Thompson

Madonna Revealed

Cena: 12,30 

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Book description

          They don’t make superstars like they used to – so Madonna created herself and became one of the greatest superstars the world has ever known. Provocative, shocking, innovative and flamboyant, she is today’s hottest entertainment sensation. She’s powerful, she’s tough and she’s ruthless – and now worth more than two hundred million dollars.

          But what is she really like? What is the driving force behind her phenomenal success? And what price has she had to pay for her extraordinary fame? In this incisive, insider’s biography, Douglas Thompson traces Madonna’s story and interviews friends, family, lovers and colleagues – including Sean Penn and Warren Beatty – and reveals the private person behind the public facade. he investigates her claims of lesbian affairs, probes into her disastrous and often violent marriage to Sean Penn, takes us round her current home in the Hollywood Hills and examines her erratic film career from the catastrophic Shanghai Surprise to the internationally controversial In Bed with Madonna.

          Intimate, detailed and often surprising, Madonna Revealed exposes the private, sometimes vulnerable yet hugely ambitious personality that drove a rebel child through the twilight world of nude modelling and the New York music scene to the centre stage of international stardom.

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