The BBC Diet

Dr Barry Lynch

The BBC Diet

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Book description

          The BBC Diet contains all you need to lose weight now and keep it off. If you`ve tried to slim before and failed, don`t give up, follow this diet and you will succeed. If you enjoy food, you`ll find you can go on enjoying it and get slim.

          This is the diet you`ve all been waiting for
-It`s easy – no boring calorie counting
-It`s enjoyable – no hunger pangs
-It`s healthy – based on the latest medical research
-It`s combines exercise with dieting which has been shown to be the most effective and longest – lasting way to slim
-This book includes full details of the diet followed by the slimmers in The BBC Diet Programme
-A slimming plan to suit you lifestyle: choose from five different plans
-Sensational slimming recipes including those demonstrated on The BBC Diet Programme.

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