The World’s Best Men Jokes

Fanny Adams

The World’s Best Men Jokes

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Book description

          When God made man, She was only joking!

          Fanny Adams has brought together a collection of the very best jokes about men, their endearing little habits, their charming attitudes and entertaining behaviour – everything that women love about them most!

          Two aliens were discussing earth beings. "So what do you think of them?", said the first. "Well", the other replied, "I liked the intelligent ones, but I wasn’t so keen on the ones with testicles".

          What’s the similarity between a man and linoleum? If you lay them right the first time, you can walk on them for life.

          From lager lads to lotharios, DIY fanatics to dirty old men, all types of the male species are present and correct in The World’s Best Men Jokes.

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