The Devil on Lammas Night

Susan Howatch

The Devil on Lammas Night

Cena: 5,00 

Stan książki
zły/bardzo zużyta (okładka pożółkła i brudna, zagniecenia na okładce, pożółkłe strony, pieczątka i dwa podpisy długopisem)
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Book description

          To those who did not know him, he was merely a pleasant young fellow. But to others, especially to women, he was the Devil. Nicola did not know that their meeting was part of an evil design nor did she know that Tristan had plans for her, plans that would change her forever.

          When Tristan Poole moved into Colwyn Court, in a remote Welsh seaside village, was it to form a nudist group? Or was it, as Nicola Morrison suspected, for something much more sinister? What was the hypnotic effect Tristan had on Lisa, Nicola’s glamorous young stepmother? What was the explanation for the sudden illnesses, accidents and deaths at Colwyn? And what was Tristan planning for Nicola?

          As Lammas night approaches, and the true, supernaturally evil nature of the group is revealed, Nicola is drawn into deadly danger…

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