Hammer Heads

Dale Brown

Hammer Heads

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Book description

          The third World War is the war against drugs.

          For the US Government it’s a losing battle. The smugglers no longer shy from confrontation, they relish it – blowing Coast Guard jets out of the sky and sinking their cutters with powerful bazookas. They’ve become a co-ordinated force of devastating ruthlessness.

          There’s only one way to stop them…..

          The US anti-drug agents are a squabbling shambles. A radical solution is needed. And Rear Admiral Ian Hardcastle is just that. He will lead an elite an fearless unit armed with the latest equipment and the deadliest weaponry. Their sole aim is to hit the smugglers. And hit them hard. They are known affectionately in the business as 


          Superstar of action/adventure arena, Dale Brown pulls out all the stops in this lightning-paced, all-systems-go blockbuster novel of the ultimate war against drugs.


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