WOW!: Glitz! Glamour! Gossip! (a novel of dogs, divas and deviance)

Claudia Pattison

WOW!: Glitz! Glamour! Gossip! (a novel of dogs, divas and deviance)

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Book description

          Ruby Lake is senior writer at Wow!, Britain’s bestselling celebrity weekly. It’s her ideal job — the money’s good, she gets to wear a big hat at showbiz weddings and enjoy intimate tête-à-têtes with the rich and famous; except she doesn’t "enjoy" them anymore. Lunch with Posh and Becks is getting tedious and she’s fed up with tetchy, talentless celebrities, with pumped up bodyguards and browbeaten PAs. Plus she absolutely hates their small fluffy dogs. 

          On top of this, the emptiness of her private life is beginning to gnaw. She’s single — in fact she’s known as the Ice Princess by her friends. Although she’s had her fair share of boyfriends, she’s not into relationships and is usually "tearing her hair out at the end of a weekend break in the Lake District. That is until she meets Sam, a gardener who looks like he might be Mr Right.

          Now before you write Wow! off as yet another Bridget Jones wannabe, there 's a twist. Ruby’s got a stalker — a secret admirer who’s seriously obsessed with her and is about to close in on his prey. The knowledge that he’s out there, watching and waiting as Ruby trips from one celebrity do to another, gives this debut novel an assured chill, a tension that cuts through the otherwise glossy, albeit fabulously bitchy, showbiz world of Wow!. 

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