Bread Upon the Waters

Irwin Shaw

Bread Upon the Waters

Cena: 12,00 

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Book description

          There was a harmony, an easy affection to the Strand family. Not soft or illusioned – they did after all live and work in New York City – but all in all they were the rarity, a loving, close family. 

          Until the day daughter Caroline rescued the stranger, brought him back home, bloodied and distressed from a Central Park mugging. Rich and urbane, he was enormously grateful for their help. And through him they entered for the first time his world of inherited, cosmopolitan wealth: the huge Long Island house, antiques and Old Masters drawings, limousines and servants. Above all, through his business and social connections, the way was cleared for each of the family: a better job, a good college, the advice and capital to achieve a dream ambition. And it all happened in the old style – so quietly and coolly that not one of them noticed the change. 

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