Politics: A New Approach

David Roberts

Politics: A New Approach

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Book description

          Politics: A New Approach provides a comprehensive introduction to the politics and government of Britain for GCSE and above. Although designed primarily for GCSE, it will also prove useful to students on a variety of courses which involve politics, government and public administration. These include GCE "A" level (particularly for those new to the subject), SCE Modern Studies, BTEC National (Public Administration) and CPVE. Students employed in the public sector – including central and local government, health administration and the police – should find much of value in the book, as will students on various pre-vocational courses. Parts of the book could also be used on General Studies courses.

          Politics: A New Approach makes extensive use of data response exercises. Structured questions of different levels of difficulty encourage students to become active learners. Source material, appropriately abridged or adapted, has been selected for its relevance and interest. The student is guided through the main political institutions and processes, and concepts and terms are clearly explained as they are introduced. Political issues, events and arguments are used to illustrate the workings of the political system. The book is divided into a series of sections and sub-sections which are effectively linked to form a coherent and systematic treatment of the subject.

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