Values, Attitudes & Behaviour Change

Reich and Adcock

Values, Attitudes & Behaviour Change

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Book description

How do psychologists define values, attitudes and behaviour change and what are the links between them? This book introduces the reader to some of the most important research on this subject, and stresses the importance of the relationship of each factor to the others. The authors also discuss different methods of trying to change peoples’ values, attitudes and behaviour and show that, fortunately for our self – esteem, ourresistance to such attempts can be considerable.


1. Introduction
2. The nature of values
3. The nature of attitudes
4. The determinants of values and attitudes
5. Prejudice
6. The importance of communication factors for effective attitude change
7. Cognitive consistency theory and attitude change
8. Equilibrium and attitude change
9. Improving resistance to attitude change
10. Functional approaches to attitude maintenance and change: relationship to psycho-analytic and learning theories
11. Conclusion: the link between values, attitudes and behaviour

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