All That Jazz (glamour and heartache in 1920s London)

Dee Williams

All That Jazz (glamour and heartache in 1920s London)

Cena: 14,20 

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Book description

          Step into the colourful world of the Jazz Age….

          1921. When the influenza epidemic sweeping the nation claims the life of their mother, Daisy Cooper and her sister are left all alone in their squalid rooms in Rotherhithe. Working long hours to keep a roof over their heads, Daisy hates leaving little Mary alone so often, but what else can she do?

          The arrival of moving pictures offers the sisters a glimpse of a magical world, and Daisy dreams of joining the beautiful dancing girls on the stage. When a chance meeting leads to an audition for the chorus line, Daisy wonders if this will be the door to a brighter future for her and Mary. But just as Daisy embarks on the glamorous path to fame, tragedy strikes….

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