Bye Bye Blackbird

Patricia Wendorf

Bye Bye Blackbird

Cena: 11,50 

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Book description

          They are destined to meet – the gentle, beautiful Eve Nevill and the striking, red-haired Sev Carew. His grandmother, the gypsy Meridiana, predicts it; it is these two who will finally heal the rift between herself and her girlhood friend, Eliza Greypaull. 

          It is in Taunton that eve first sees Sev. He is a soldier, handsome in his walking-out uniform, on leave from Taunton barracks. Eve, pretty as a picture in her powder-blue costume, catches his eye. From that day on Sev never forgets her. Posted to India, haunted by her sweet-smiling face, he vows to return one day – to Taunton, and to Eve. Ignorant of his grandmother’s prophecy, he doesn’t know that the future has long ago been settle, the Romany patteran laid down… 

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