One Wicked Night

Jo Leigh

One Wicked Night

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Book description

          Emma Roberts, oil researcher, has won an all-expenses paid weekend in New Orleans as the result of being selected Employee of the Year at Transco Oil. Staid Emma decides to live it up a bit, and when a handsome man approaches her table the first night and invites himself to dine with her, she can’t say no.

          Michael Craig is a wealthy businessman with a definite reason for seeking Emma out. He wants to buy Transco Oil, and he hopes that by cultivating an acquaintance with Emma, he can find out information that will be useful in his offer. Little does he expect to be so attracted to her. They spend a day touring New Orleans together, and when Michael makes his move, Emma doesn’t resist. Emma feels she’s ripe for a whirlwind romance in a strange city with a sexy guy. They spend the evening in bed.

          Emma returns to Houston to the news that the company is going to be sold. The owner is happy; he likes the offer, his employees will be well taken care of, and at last he can pursue his dream of African photography. Emma, however, is horrified to learn that Michael Craig is the new owner… 

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