Bad Behaviour (the number one bestseller)

Sheila O'Flanagan

Bad Behaviour (the number one bestseller)

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Book description

          Darcey has it all: a high-flying career, an apartment in the centre of Dublin and a wardrobe bursting with designer labels. OK, so she doesn’t have Mr Right in her life at the moment, but she’s not short of admirers. So why does an unexpected wedding invitation send shivers down her spine? Because the groom, Aidan, dumped her…. for her ex-best friend.

          Nieve’s now living across the Atlantic but she’s coming home to get married. It’s going to be the event of the year and Nieve wants her friends to be there. Especially Darcey. Isn’t now the time to put the past behind them?

          But can Darcey really forgive her oldest friend and allow Nieve’s wedding to go without a hitch? Or is it possible that Aidan was meant to be hers after all?

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