Fallen Hearts (duży format)

Virginia Andrews

Fallen Hearts (duży format)

Cena: 17,80 

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Book description

          As Logan’s bride, she would savor now the love she had sought for so long. And free from her father’s clutches, she would live again in her backwoods town, a respected teacher and cherished wife. But after a wedding trip to Boston’s Farthinggale Manor and a lavish, elegant party, Heaven and Logan are persuaded to stay… lured by Tony Tatterton’s guile to live amidst the Tatterton wealth and privilege. Then the ghosts of Heaven’s past rise up once more, writhing around her fragile happiness… threatening her precious love with scandal and jealousy, sinister passions and dangerous dreams!

          Virginia Andrews is also the author of "Garden of Shadows", "Flowers in the Attic", "Petals on the Wind", "If There Be Thorns", "Seeds of Yesterday" and "My Sweet Audrina".

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