Glitz (the sensational top ten bestseller is back)

Louise Bagshawe

Glitz (the sensational top ten bestseller is back)

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Book description

          Picture this: you’re one of the four fabulous Chambers cousins, blessed with beauty, brains and a lovely trust fund courtesy of your reclusive Uncle Clem. You have:
– Private jets to take you to lush tropical islands
– Invitations to the best, most glamorous parties in town
– An endless supply of clothes, shoes and lewellery

          Now picture this: Uncle Clem announces he’s getting married. To Bai-Ling, a woman more than half his age….. And suddenly everything changes. You have:
– No money
– No skills
– And no idea of what it means to stand on your own two feet.

          Find out what practical Juno, scruffy tomboy Athena, sassy venus and flighty Diana Chambers do in Louise Bagshawe’s gorgeously addictive new novel, Glitz: an irresistible story of glamorous women, powerful men, the price of unearned wealth….. and the value of making it all on your own.

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