The Magic of Home (Home for Christmas * Search for Love – 2 novels in one book)

Nora Roberts

The Magic of Home (Home for Christmas * Search for Love – 2 novels in one book)

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Book description

Home for Christmas
          After years of world travel, prizewinning reporter Jason Law was back in Quiet Valley, New Hampshire, with the most difficult assignment he’d ever faced: winning back Faith Kirkpatrick, the woman he’d loved then left ten years before. Jason had found that home was where the heart is, and Faith held his. It would take all his skills — and then some — to win Faith back. But this time, nothing would stand in his way — it was time faith was rewarded. She was a woman with responsibilities, and he was nothing but a wandering nomad. All they could have was this one Christmas together. Could Faith summon the courage to give Jason a once-in-a-lifetime holiday gift? 

Search for Love
          He harbored dark suspicions about Serenity and her parents. He was jealous, impossible and demanding. He was enigmatic, charming and aristocratic. He made passionate love to her even while condemning her. So why in heaven’s name had Serenity Smith from Georgetown, Washington, D.C., forever lost her heart to her French cousin, Christophe, Count de Kergallen?

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