Venus Envy

Louise Bagshawe

Venus Envy

Cena: 15,40 

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dobry (drobne zagniecenia na okładce, lekko pożółkłe strony, inicjały długopisem)
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Book description

          They live in a flat in Hampstead: Bronwen, the trendy clubber; Gail, Alex’s infuriating younger sister, a health freak and budding novelist; Keisha, the TV researcher determined not to be fenced in by a relationship. And Alex, our heroine, back in London after being dumped by her glamorous LA boyfriend. Though she’s more or less solvent, Alex’s life isn’t getting any simpler, thanks to her dreary City job, lack of dates and spending money, and her infatuation with her very charming, very married boss. 

          An invitation to the wedding of an old school friend and the brother of her old friend Tom seems like the perfect escape – until super-babe Snowy turns up and sets her cap at the groom, the charming boss turns up with his immaculate wife, and Tom takes it into his head to blame Alex for the ensuing disasters.

          "Venus Envy" – emotion springing from the realisation that you are 27, single and in a dreary job, while your flatmates are so successful, so besieged by admirers and swathed in TDOs (top designer outfits) that they’d make a glitterball feel square.

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