The Dark Imbalance: Evergence III (The International Bestseller)

Sean Williams, Shane Dix

The Dark Imbalance: Evergence III (The International Bestseller)

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Book description

          In the ruins of Sol System, Earth is no more. But aboard the great gathering of starships and space stations orbiting the still-burning sun live the remnants of mankind – now in terrible danger from an army of genetically enhanced warriors intent on destroying all of humanity.

          Renegade intelligence agent Morgan Roche has been charged by the High Humans to protect mankind from the threat of the clone warriors. Pursuing one such warrior into Sol System, she strives to learn the true identity of the enemy, and with this how to defeat them. Roche looks for leadership to the Interim Emergency Pristine Council, on board the gigantic spaceship Phlegethon. But still she finds only strife and uncertainty. When the Phlegethon itself is drawn into battle, Roche, weary and injured, must find the answers in her own way. It is here, in the light of the star called Sol, that Morgan will learn the truth – about the artificial intelligence known as "The Box", about the man who calls himself Adoni Caine, about the High Humans…..

          And about her destiny.

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