The War of the Flowers

Tad Williams

The War of the Flowers

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Book description

          Theo Vilmas’ life is about to take a turn for the worse.

          A thirty-year-old lead singer in a not-terribly-successful band, Theo once had enormous charisma both onstage off–but now, life has taken its toll on him. He finds If alone, heartbroken, and plagued by a recurring are — and Theo can’t shake the feeling that bad things happening to him for a reason. Seeking solace and escape in a cabin in the woods, he begins to read a old handwritten memoir by his great-uncle, a man named Eamonn Dowd, and quickly becomes mesmerized. Dowd writes of another world — the world of Faerie — but it is nothing like the familiar fairyland of childhood stories.

          But before Theo can disregard the account as the writings a madman, a horrifying thing tries to break through his front door — a terrible hunting-spirit in the body of a dead man. Terrified and trapped, Theo is saved only by the intervention of a tiny, foul-mouthed, winged sprite named Applecore, who transports him into the realm of Faerie. But this fairyland is even darker and more bizarrely modern than Dowd had described, similar to the mortal world and yet dangerously different, and although he can’t imagine why, there are creatures in it that intend Theo Vilmos serious harm. With only the reluctant sprite Applecore for a guide, Theo must search for the true meaning of his life — before those who seek him can cut it mercilessly short.

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