A Dictionary of Geology (1954)

G. W. Himus

A Dictionary of Geology (1954)

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zły/bardzo zużyta (okładka pociemniała i z plamkami, pożółkłe strony, pociemniałe wnętrze okładki, brzegi kartek pociemniałe i w rdzawe plamki, kilka zagiętych rogów)
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Book description

          The purpose of this dictionary is to interpret the special language of geology to the general reader, in hope that, with its aid, he may be able to ascertain the meaning of geological terms when reading scientific literature, and may even be induced to enter on the study of this very fascinating science.

          Many of the entries are short articles rather than definitions; the unfamiliar nature of the subjects rendered this necessary. It has also been found advisable to introduce many cross-references, partly because there are numerous synonymous terms, and partly because, in the absence of cross-referencing, the definitions would have to contain redundant matter.

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