Dreams and Fortune-Telling

Zadkiel and Sibly

Dreams and Fortune-Telling

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Book description

          This fascinating book presents a single volume edition of Zadkiel’s book on dreams and Sibly’s book on fortune-telling, and explores some neglected aspects of divination and dream interpretation. These can be more or less auspicious. As Zadkiel states, you may hope to dream of an icicle since it promises well, but, in your slumbers, beware the falcon – an envious friend is sure to be hovering nearby!

          Sibly’s guide to fortune-telling presents other means of divination. In addition to astrology, we learn that our fate is determined by our facial features and can be foretold, of course, by our palms. Popular magic is also touched on – a sprig of rosemary can reveal the identity of a future husband!

          This book will be of interest to both the mystically inclined and the sceptic alike. It traces the history of dream interpretation and fortune-telling between ancient and more modern practitioners.

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