Our Little Secret

Tori Dante Our Little Secret

Tori Dante

Our Little Secret

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Book description

Despite a privileged upbringing, the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father, a society photographer, meant Tori Dante’s childhood was spent in the shadows of fear, loneliness and confusion. Even after leaving home, her life was ruined by feelings of rebellion and self-hatred which led her to search for ways to escape reality, and an inherent distrust of men made it difficult for her to form lasting relationships. Her healing began after she and her husband Cameron Dante – of the World Wide Message Tribe – committed their lives to Jesus. This is an astonishing story of God’s power to heal broken lives. It has been written with the help of Premier Radio’s Julia Fisher to inspire all readers, and will be of particular help to all who have suffered abuse themselves, or those who are close to them. This brand new edition of this deeply moving and powerful tale includes a Foreword from her husband, Cameron Dante and a new chapter by Tori herself, updating the story for new readers and those already familiar with the book.

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