The Wordsworth Pocket Encyclopedia

The Wordsworth Pocket Encyclopedia

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Book description

          The Wordsworth Pocket Encyclopedia has been fully revised for this edition with a 48 page Supplement which includes new world records, winners of sporting events, biographies and the far-reaching political changes since 1989.

          The encyclopedia covers topics from art to zoology, via astronomy, computing, economics, medicine, religion and science, and is clearly arranged in over 35 thematic sections making it a first handy referemce source for accessible, clear and authoritative answers. Each subject includes a chronology of key dates and a glossary of technical terms, as well as diagrams and tables.

          With over 650 pages, more than 300 maps, tables, diagrams and charts, and a comprehensive index, the Wordsworth Pocket Encyclopedia has been specially compiled by leaders in the reference field to combine authority with ease of use.

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