A Short History of English Literature

Sir Ifor Evans

A Short History of English Literature

Cena: 15,70 

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Book description

          B. Ifor Evans, who was born in 1899, is Principal of Queen Mary College of the Unoversity of London and is Vice – Chairman of the Arts Council of Great. Britain, of whose Drama Panel he was once Chair-man. He has been a Professor of English on the University of London.

          A survey of the whole of English Literature from Beowulf to James Joyce. Ivor Brown in The Observer described this book as written ‘to the classical model, as brief as lucid’.

1. Before the Conquest
2. English Poetry from Chaucer to John Donne
3. English Poetry from Milton to William Blake
4. The Romantic Poets
5. English Poetry from Tennyson
6. English Drama to Shakespeare
7. Shakespeare
8. English Drama from Shakespeare to Sheridan
9. English Drama from Sheridan
10. The English Novel to Defoe
11. The English Novel from Richardson to Sir Walter Scott
12. The English Novel from Dickens
13. English Prose to the Eighteenth Century
14. Modern English Prose
15. Recent English Literature 

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