A Dustbin of Milligan

Spike Milligan

A Dustbin of Milligan

Cena: 8,50 

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zły/bardzo zużyta (nieznany rok wydania, pożółkła okładka i strony, naderwania na grzbiecie, część kartek naderwane)
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Book description

          My son has asked me to write the "blurb" for this book. What can I say? When he was a lad, he showed a natural inclination to write so I sent him to Eton, and by the time he was 21 he had mastered the Alphabet. He took to travelling everywhere by pram – said it made him look younger. In 1940 he was invited to join World War II (with an option on World War III), Partly out of his mind, he accepted. So, with one stroke of a pen, he put three years on the war, eight on Churchill and twopence on the rates. Oh how we laughed…

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