A Crowning Mercy

Bernard Cornwell

A Crowning Mercy

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Book description

          The civil war that is tearing England asunder in the year 1643 has not yet touched Dorcas Slythe, a secretly rebellious young Puritan woman living in the countryside south of London, who longs to escape the safe, pious tyranny of her father.
          The chance appears with the arrival of Toby Lazender, dashing scion of a powerful royalist family. It is he who renames her "Campion," awakening her to a bold, hitherto unknown passion…. and to a mysterious and perilous destiny. With the discovery of an intricately wrought gold seal—one of four that, when joined, will reveal a great secret and uncover an enormous fortune—Campion’s quest begins.

          Love, riches, and redemption await her at the end of her perilous adventure. Or death.

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