To Love, Honour and Betray

Penny Jordan

To Love, Honour and Betray

Cena: 14,00 

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Book description

          Motherhood, marriage, obsession, betrayal and family duty are causing havoc with Claudia and Garth’s relationship, especially when he realises the baby they have adopted is actually his own.

          A baby meant everything to Claudia. She deeply loved her husband Garth, but only when she became pregnant did her life feel complete. When she miscarried, her world fell apart. And then a miracle happened: suddenly the baby Claudia craved was theirs.
But their happiness was built on shameful secrets. Garth had lied to Claudia and their marriage wasn’t able to survive his betrayal.
Now, it was vital that Claudia and Garth found a way back to the truth, before their beloved daughter paid the price…..

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