Always with Love (Sentimental Journey * Savage Land) – 2 novels in one volume

Janet Dailey

Always with Love (Sentimental Journey * Savage Land) – 2 novels in one volume

Cena: 16,70 

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Book description

Sentimental Journey
          "Is it really me you want?" Jessica asked. She tried to pull away from Brodie. It was suddenly very necessary to think clearly. Jessica’s meeting with Brodie Hayes after so many years was accidental, yet devastating.
           The Brodie Hayes she remembered had been a poor young man from the wrong part of town. And he had pursued her older sister unsuccessfully. Now Brodie Hayes was a rich, powerful businessman welcome anywhere. Jessica couldn’t help but respond to his overwhelming charm but could she be sure his interest in her was genuine? She didn’t intend to be a substitute!

Savage Land
          "Don’t you want to tell me how much you love and adore me and how you can hardly wait to marry me?" Coley asked mockingly.' "I was so looking forward to that part." Even though her own heart was breaking, she could still derive pleasure watching the angry scowl on Jason’s face.
           How upsetting for him and his plans for the Slash ranch that Coley wasn’t falling into his arms as he had thought she would!

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