Alien Nation — Dark Horizon

Alien Nation — Dark Horizon

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Book description

On July 31, 1991, the final episode of Alien Nation, "Green Eyes" aired, ending the series with a blockbuster finale and an exciting cliffhanger. In "Green Eyes" the Newcomers were faced with a deadly new bacteria created by a ruthless group of humans called Purists, who were determined to rid the Earth of the alien Tenctonese. As the story closed, all of the Alien Nation characters were in crisis, and the Francisco family was infected with the bacteria, facing certain death. This story was never resolved…until now. "Dark Horizon" was a two-hour Alien Nation script commissioned by Twentieth Century Fox. The story would have resolved the cliffhanger and kicked off Alien Nation’s second seacon. With the final cancellation of the series, the script was put away and fans were left with their questions unanswered. Pocket Books is now proud to present a novelization by critically acclaimed science fiction author K.W. Jeter, of the entire action-packed story that began with "Green Eyes" and ended with "Dark Horizon." As the story opens, George Francisco and Matthew Sikes stand watch over George’s family, while the Earth faces a new threat. A ruthless Overseer has come from space to recover the Tenctonese slaves, and he will stop at nothing to see that the Newcomers– as well as the entire human race– are enslaved forever. 

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