Black Holes and Other Marvels (a collection of 16 short stories and 2 poems)

edited by Jerry Pournelle

Black Holes and Other Marvels (a collection of 16 short stories and 2 poems)

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Book description

          Black Holes…. one of the unsolved mysteries of the universe. They must exist…. but their existence is unprovable. How are they formed? Do they provide a gateway to an alternate universe — or an infinite number of alternate universes? Could our universe itself be inside a Black Hole?

          Black Holes…. a definitive collection of stories and speculation on a cosmic theme. Compiled by Jerry Pournelle. Larry Niven; Poul Anderson; Charles Sheffield and many more….

1. Black holes and cosmic censors / Jerry Pournelle
2. He fell into a dark hole / Jerry Pournelle
3. The hole man / Larry Niven
4. Fuzzy black holes have no hair / Jerry Pournelle
5. Kyrie / Poul Anderson
6. Killing vector / Charles Sheffield
7. The borderland of Sol / Larry Niven
8. Pluto is black! / Robert L. Forward
9. Fountain of force / Grant Carrington, George Zebrowski
10. Papa Schimmelhorn’s yang / R. Bretnor
11. Gloria / Gail Kimberly
12. Singularity / Mildred Downey Broxon
13. Cygnus X-1 [poem] / Peter Dillingham
14. The salesman who fell from grace with the universe [poem] / Peter Dillingham
15. The nothing spot / Dian Girard
16. For the lady of a physicist / Michael Bishop
17. The venging / Greg Bear
18. In the beginning– / Jerry Pournelle

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