Once Upon a Tangled Tale

Bronwyn Wolfe

Once Upon a Tangled Tale

Cena: 10,20 

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Book description

          FOUR WEDDING AND A FAIRY GODMOTHER…. Only a storybook affair like the marriage of Cindy Ella Jones and Princeton Chalmers could lead to three such tangled romances — and happily-ever-after ending.

          BELINDA. Kidnapped from the wedding party, the lonely beauty would learn how a little love can tame a wild beast — even one as intimidating as Cain Derlin, the handsome recluse.

          LILITH. Thrown together with Frank Henson, a seemingly soft-spoken guard, self-absorbed Lilith would have to learn that, with love and respect, there’s a prince waiting behind every toad.

          ROBERTA. The shy redhead’s heart had been broken by a wicked wolf once-before — and now that Maximillian Wolfe had shown up at the wedding she was determined to get to her grandmother before the big bad Frenchman could hurt her again.

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