Ex and the City: You’re Nobody 'Til Somebody Dumps You

Alexandra Heminsley

Ex and the City: You’re Nobody 'Til Somebody Dumps You

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Book description

          At last: a self-help book that doesn’t claim to have all the answers. This funny and touching guide to getting dumped and living to tell the tale starts with 'we need to talk’ and ends in New York, via the science of heartbreak, Scottish dancing and motorbike pyramids. It won’t make it all better; but it will convince you that you’re not alone. The Pizza of Rejection we’ve all done; being consoled in Latin by Larry Hagman, some of us haven’t. –The Independent 

          'What lifts it way above standard self-help fluff is that Heminsley is much cleverer and funnier than the form demands. . . Alongside the family vignettes and wry anecdotes is sound advice on coping with the aftermath. It’s warm, witty and wise – even the bits that feel like your neurotic best friend shouting at you in a lift.’ – Time Out

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