Faking It: How to Look Like a Natural-Born Beauty

Sarah Barclay

Faking It: How to Look Like a Natural-Born Beauty

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Book description

          Whether you are faced with the consequwnces of a night on the tiles, an outbreak of spots the day before a hot date, or are planning to get in shape for a beach holiday and need tips on how to look your most svelte and alluring in a bikini, Faking It provides emergency quick-fix solutions, beauty short cuts and trade secrets. With a no-nonsense "beauty-speak translation service", Faking It tells you everything you need to know to help you look effortlessly good in any situation.

– Shape up for the beach
– Staying cool but looking hot on a date
– The DOs and DON’Ts of apres-ski beauty
– Survive the relentless pace of a toxic weekend
– Cope with bad hair on a country weekend
– Look glam on a city break

          Faking It is full of brilliant advice that really works – the essential beauty guide for all modern women.

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