A Golfer’s Companion (duży format)

edited by Chris Plumridge and John Hopkins

A Golfer’s Companion (duży format)

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Book description

          For generations golf has been an obsession to its followers and a fascination to those observing from a distance.

          Represented in this intriguing selection of over 100 contributions are former Open Champions, commentators and journalists — ancient and modern, golf gurus, historians of the game and some amused spectators, not forgetting that most inspirational of golfing characters, the caddie.

          Between them, the contributors discuss champions of a bygone age, champions of recent years, the great courses of the world and golf course construction, memories of great championships and matchplay contests, golf equipment and technique, and the mental approach to the game. Also included is a Ladies Section and a collection of some of the best humorous writing on golf and golfing behaviour.

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