H for 'Enry: More Than Just an Autobiography (duży format)

H for 'Enry: More Than Just an Autobiography (duży format)

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Book description

          Henry Cooper (H to his friends) is among a very rare group of sportsmen who have become more famous and more loved after giving up full time sport. Best known for being one of the few heavyweights to knock down Muhammed Ali, our "Enry is now pulling no punches on paper in the form of this autobiography in which he records what has happened since he left the ring in 1971.

          In his own inimitably humorous and friendly way, he recalls his adventures as a Faberge front man, a sometime grocer, charity organizer, fanatical golfer, supermarket opener, Water Rat, TV personality… The list is endless. And, of course, he’s also apt to reminisce here and there about some of the great characters he has met in boxing.

          The portrait which emerges of this lovable champ – one of Britain’s living legends – will delight Henry Cooper’s many fans and win him many more.

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