My Autobiography: Don’t Tell Kath (the No.1 bestseller)

Ian Botham

My Autobiography: Don’t Tell Kath (the No.1 bestseller)

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Book description

          Ian Botham has raised the spirits of a nation and struck terror into opponents the world over with his opportunism and extraordinary self-belief. Things have always happened around Ian Botham – he makes sure they do.

          In his bestselling autobiography, the man himself decsribes what it is like to be a sporting demigod. It’s an intriguing cocktail of sex and drugs allegations, personal upheavals, confrontations with his peers, and remarkable achievements both on and off the field. Whether battling against the Aussies or walking half the length of the country for charity, Botham’s never-say-die attitude makes for a compelling and often inspirational insight into a larger-than-life character. One thing’s for sure… there’s only one Ian Botham.

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