Investing for Beginners (duży format)

Daniel O'Shea

Investing for Beginners (duży format)

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Book description


1. How safe are stocks and shares?
2. How gilt-edged stocks work
3. Equities give you a piece of the action
4. How to buy and sell stocks and shares
5. Earning and dividends – and how to measure them
6. Understanding company accounts
7. Putting the figures to work
8. Movements in markets
9. Building a portfolio
10. Manufacturing companies: the problem areas
11. Success among the retailers
12. Banking and insurance
13. Investment trusts offer a spread
14. How to evaluate property companies
15. Understanding the oil market
16. Thrills and spills in mining shares
17. Overseas trading companies
18. Investing abroad: high risks for high rewards
19. What scrip issues are all about
20. When a company makes a rights issue – the shareholder’s sums
21. Thrills and spills of the takeover
22. New issues – how companies get a quote
23. More about gilts – and other fixed interest stocks
24. Warrants, options and traded options
25. Investing the unit trust way
26. Insurance-linked investment – the pros and cons
27. Using charts and other investment systems
28. Your broker and your shares
29. Approaching the investment tax sums
30. Share issues and gains tax
31. Where to get information and advice

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