Merry Christmas, Baby! (3 Harlequin stories in one book)

Susan Wiggs, Bobby Hutchinson, Karen Young

Merry Christmas, Baby! (3 Harlequin stories in one book)

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Book description

Cinderella by Susan Wiggs
          The teenagers of Brooklyn want their shelter to stay open. Jack Riley, ace reporter and big-hearted hunk, volunteers at the centre. His boss, Madeleine Langston, can grant the kids’ wish – and he can grant hers, fairy-tale style. All it’s going to take is some faith, hope and a well-fitted tux!

Grady’s Kids by Bobby Hutchinson
          Grady’s kids want Fiona to marry their dad and live in their house forever. But Grady, stubborn, hard-up rancher that he is, doesn’t want to risk disappointing his kids – or himself. Fiona’s fallen in love with his family, all right, but that doesn’t mean she feels the same way about him…

It Takes a Miracle by Karen Young
          The kids want a real family, and now that Nathan’s their guardian, they think he should get back together with Emily. That’s exactly what Nathan wants, too. Only Emily seems to have doubts – but Jess and Jamie are sure they can change her mind!

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