Flowers in the Rain and Other Stories

Rosamunde Pilcher

Flowers in the Rain and Other Stories

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Book description

          Enter Rosamunde Pilcher’s world of simple joys of crisp country air and crackling log fires, the pleasures of family reunions and rediscovered friendships. Through thick mist and a cold east wind, Lavinia returns to Scotland. Up at the big house, Mrs. Farquhar is dying. Seeing Lachlan again, Lavinia remembers her childhood holidays there: swimming in the loch, the picnics, bottle-feeding the lambs down at the farm and the evenings when they danced reels. Most of all, she remembers Mrs. Farquhar’s grandson, Rory. In the house, as the old lady lies serene and beautiful in the bed she has slept in since coming home to Lachlan as a bride, Lavinia meets Rory once again.

           "Flowers in the Rain" is one of sixteen stories, each giving another magical glimpse into Rosamunde Pilcher’s world. The world in which most prefer to live all the time.

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