Straight Talking

Jane Green

Straight Talking

Cena: 17,75 

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Book description

          Delivering a straight-talking look at modern love, Jane Green’s novels have taken readers by storm. Now her avid fans on this side of the Atlantic can indulge in the book that started it all: her funny, flirty, and ultimately tender debut, Straight Talking.

          Featuring the clever scenarios, endearing characters, and smart dialogue that have become the author’s trademarks, Straight Talking follows the lively dilemmas of Tasha, a single career girl who sets the record straight regarding the real world of dating. As she and her three best friends have discovered, contemporary romance is nothing like the fairy tales promised. Each of Tasha’s friends contends with a hurdle of the heart: a dependable but loveless relationship; the empty elation of drinking contests and one-night stands; an impasse when the other half refuses to propose. As for the men, there’s Andrew, who’s head over heels in love . . . with himself. Simon is allergic to commitment. And Adam is sweet, but too sweet to be sexy.

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